Season focus : Winter & Well-being

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Sync your body to the cold, dormant weather for a more peaceful Winter.

Shorter days, lack of sunlight, nature looking dead and asleep, cold temperatures and sniffles. What is enjoyable about winter will you ask? Well, Winter, like any other season is here for a reason so let's start appreciating it for all its benefits.

Sinking into the depths of Winter

"I've learnt to love Winter by witnessing and aligning to its benefits on nature" - Léa, Wild Life Photograph.

Mother Earth benefits greatly from the Winter solstice

I like to see Winter as the resting season for nature, falling asleep, slowing down and regaining the necessary strengths to blossom in Spring. This should be respected, it is ancient and a beautiful part of the seasons' cycle.

Would we, humans, survive without sometimes taking the time to sleep, rest and slow down ? Surely not. Well, nature works the same way.

Freezing temperatures decrease significantly pest that would otherwise destroy numerous plants / trees.

Landscape plants appreciate the insulating qualities of snow because it cuts down on winter wind and sun pulling moisture out of needles and branches, a process called winter desiccation. Even grass suffers without a good snow cover, resulting in a slower green up in spring.

Teach your body to mirror the Winter season

Think of Winter as the opportunity for you to ... slow ... down. Your life being filled up to the max deserves a break when you will do a bit less and 'hibernate' a bit more.

So enjoy your cocooning weekends, reading next to the fire place, eating slightly fattier food (to help you sustain the cold temperatures), have naps, warm brews, gathering with the people you love indoors, wearing wooly jumpers and cosy clothes, etc.

It's also time to refocus on yourself and what you would like to achieve once Spring comes. Make a list of your blessings and what you'd like to achieve in the following year. Regain your energy levels so you are in the starting blocs in a few months time.

But for now, take it easy, it's your time to rest by syncing with Mother Earth and her wonders.

Sidney x

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