Who are you?

Who are you deep inside?

Our instant answer to the 'Who are you?' question is usually a list of your name, gender, age, job position, nationality, relationship status, etc... a description of the lovely box society places us in.

But this is by no means who we truly are. Not really. So we expand and put words on our personality traits and positive things other people say about us such as: I am trustworthy, I am driven, I am loyal, I am creative, I am a great spouse, etc...

And once again, we cannot put exact words on who we are.

Who we truly are at core is who we came here to be. Secret dreams, hopes and parts of ourselves that long to be expressed out in the open, that go beyond the box we have put ourselves in.

Only when layers are peeled one by one, over time, do we find the wisdom and truth of who we are. The essence we have been born to share. Our gift to the world.

To find this wisdom, it's important to quiet the mind and simply ask the part of you that knows.

A part of you, often hidden but craving expansion, knows the answer to everything you seek: your purpose, how to get there, and exactly when to take the leap. Sometimes it comes to you by itself, sometimes after an external event happened or even a person triggers this revelation.

So do not be afraid, take a deep breathe and leap into yourself, into your wholeness.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. - Pablo Picasso

All my Love and Good vibes,

Sidney x


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