Starting a New Business? Be Aware of The Magnifying Glass Effect.

You must be wondering what I am talking about when I point out to my clients the Magnifying Glass Effect?

Well, let's first start with a good old definition of what a magnifying glass is: a specially shaped piece of glass that is attached to a handle and is used to make an object look larger than it is.

We all know this definition but how it manifests when it comes to your newly created business is that it will truly scare you and makes you want to give up all that you've built over the past few months in a flash.

The Magnifying Glass Effect definition applied to new businesses is usually happening around the 6 months in business anniversary. You start to know the market more in depths, you have subscribed to all the newsletters related to your field of expertise, you are surrounded by people in the same field / industry, you notice industry-related topics more and more, your knowledge is now sizeable and you are also facing tough obstacles: refusals, complaints, comparisons, etc. it's all part of the game and the list is endless. A field that you knew before from the 'outside', you now live it on a daily basis from the 'inside' and it feels overwhelming.

You start comparing yourself to other businesses in the same branch and you don't feel that special anymore. The doubt creeps in and thoughts such as: "Why would people choose me rather than him/her?", "Why would people buy my services/products rather than another one more settled?", "There is so much of this offer already out there, it's really hard to compete", "How can I make sure I keep evolving and progressing so my business doesn't die in its first year?".

I know you can relate as you might have been there before or even be there yourself right now. You feel slightly paralysed and massively demoralised! The first months of excitement have worn off and now you now know your first difficulties, but this is only one more hurdle to pass.

Here are a few tips to reverse the Magnifying Glass Effect almost instantly:

- Write down the fears the effect triggers within you.

- For each sentence written down (negative belief), write the opposite of this so it's turned into a positive statement. For example: "There is so much of this offer already out there, it's really hard to compete" would become "My offer and skillset is really sought after, I am able to beat the competition anytime I meet someone new".

- If these fears creep in regularly, do not hesitate to write the positive statement on a post-it note and stick it somewhere visible to you daily (ie: bathroom mirror is a good one or even your fridge).

- Make a list of WHY you started your business in the first place with your vision and mission.

- Remember your wins from the past months and start a "Success Diary". A "Success Diary" is a diary for the year 2019 that you will use over 3 years. For each day of the year, separate it in three columns (ie: 2019/2020/2021) and write down small wins daily. It will allow you over time to track progress and keep motivated!

We all go through this, the important thing is to always keep moving - one step at the time.

Love & good vibes,

Sidney x


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