Mindfulness - The Key To Finding Peace Now.

Do you remember the last time you lay in bed wrestling with your thoughts? Desperately wanting your mind to become calm, to just be quiet, so that you could get some sleep. But whatever you tried, it all seemed to fail. Every time you forced yourself not to think, your thoughts exploded into life with a renewed strength. You told yourself not to worry but suddenly discovered new things to worry about. By the time the alarm went off, you were exhausted, in a terrible mood and thoroughly miserable.

The day after at work, it was the opposite happening, you would have give anything to stay awake but instead, in meetings, you could barely keep your eyes open, kept yawning, and could not contribute to anything... you felt more anxious, stressed and depleted.

Mindfulness is here to help you finding peace and contentment in frantic times as these. There is an inner, ancient wisdom in each and everyone of us that awaits to be rediscovered and liberated from the cage of our relentless way of life.

Often, when my clients want to change their lives, they would like to see it happening NOW. But I always answer them that living a more fulfilling life, aligned with who they are is a process that requires building confidence, discovering oneself and understand one self limiting thoughts over time. There is no magic bullet.

And so to me, becoming more mindful goes hand in hand with your journey to change and find how it is that you really want to live your life. In order to discover your purpose, you must listen to your inner wisdom and this can only happen when you start becoming the observer of our own mind and thoughts. We are rarely taught how to do so but mindfulness meditation teaches you this. It is so beautifully simple that it can be used by everybody to reveal our innate joie de vivre. You finally see the world with a greater clarity so that you can take wiser and more considered action to change those things which need to be changed. Leaving the mind in a balanced state of awareness that allows you to understand yourself fully.

"The real meditation is how ou live your life." - Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Love & good vibes as always,

Sidney x


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