Karmarticle: How to Buy Ethical Clothing.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Fashion is one of the most polluting industry globally. The industry is a big contributor to the economic welfare of several economies around the world owing to the fact that there is an insatiable demand for clothing ("fast-fashion"), as well as a need for the garments to be produced at the lowest cost.

Since the textile industry comprises of several stages of production, pollution happens in many different ways depending on the processes used, the level of technology used to produce the fabric, the type of textile facility, the type of chemicals used and fibres used and so on.

The main environmental problems caused by the textile industry include: water pollution, air pollution and solid waste pollution... and on top of the environmental impact comes the social impact of critically under-paid labour.

So how can you buy your clothes ETHICALLY?

Me wearing my favourite MAYAMIKO top.

Different options are available to you and I'd like to share with you mine today:

1. Buy locally made clothing & accessories, ideally upcycled & using sustainable techniques. This way, you help your local community and lower your carbon footprint. One of my favourite shop is TATTYMOO ( by Julia Brown, a fantastic designer, maker, photographer and model behind

2. Buy from ethical brands such as: Mayamiko (, Dressing Responsable (, Jules & Jenn ( and Esquisse Lingerie (

3. Buy less often but ethically produced pieces of garment that you LOVE. Yes ethical clothing costs a little bit more than your usual H&M or Primark top but in my experience: it lasts longer, you are sure to wear it, it feels good to do good (we are wired for it).

To summarise, they are three keys to buying ethically: LOCAL / ETHICAL BRANDS / LESS OFTEN so it's time to shop mindfully and have fun!

Love & good vibes your way as always,

Sidney x


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