Ready to live a life

on your own terms?


Explore what you can offer the world, get focused, gain momentum and live a life that makes a difference to you and others.

Did you ever tell yourself:


"I feel I've lost touch with myself and would like to reconnect with this essence."


"My career is going just fine, so why am I feeling so anxious and overwhelmed?"


"I know I want to change something in my life but I just don't know what it is?"


"I feel like I'm at a crossroad but I have no idea what step to take next!"

"What should I do/start to feel more at peace and relaxed daily?"

If so, I am the Holistic Coach for you . . .

Package 1: 

Life Coaching

Perfect for you if :

- You are at a cross-road in life and in need of focus and efficient progress.

- You're feeling you've lost your spark and would like to reconnect with your confidence and motivation.

. Renewal . Growth . Healing .

. Transformation .

Package 2:

Business Coaching

Perfect for you if:

- You have a business idea and would like some help & support launching it alongside specific advices.

- You are at the start of your entrepreneurial journey and would like a boost towards success!

. Analysis . Support .

. Encouragement . Action . Growth .

Package 3:

Zen life

Perfect for you if:

- You are feeling stressed, anxious in your everyday life and in need of a more zen lifestyle.

- You would like to explore and adopt a meditation and mindfulness routine that resonates with you.

. Teaching . Reflection . Support . 

. Mastery .

Package 4:

Zen at work

Perfect for you if:

- You are  a company that cares about your employees wellbeing and would like to teach them easy meditations and mindfulness tips to improve their overall well-being at work.

. Teaching . Reflection . 

. Efficiency . Wellbeing .


There is an art to living, to creating your life on your terms based on your desires, talents, values, and dreams. We’re rarely taught to look within and name what it is we want from life.” 

Sense of Self
Long lasting

Carmel, London

Sidney is a very effective, caring coach who gets the balance right between being a soundboard and actively supporting to identify the best outcomes. Her approach is very professional, has helped me with both career and home-life quandaries. I have worked with a number of coaches over the years & I think Sidney is the best. Strongly recommended.

Beverley, Doncaster

Before working with Sidney, I felt lost, de-motivated and lacking passion in so many aspects of my life. I did not know what I wanted to do next. She helped me find myself again and motivated me towards things in life I was passionate about yet had forgotten. In 6 sessions only, I have made my dreams a reality and regained confidence. She is an incredible coach! 

Laura, London

The coaching experience with Sidney really changed my life. I'm transformed, I shine with confidence, I know myself better with a Body & Mind connection present at all time. Sidney helped switch back the light in me and made me realise my inner power!