Live a life

on your own terms

Did you ever ask yourself:


"I feel I've lost touch with myself, how could I reconnect with this essence?"

"I've got a career/business idea but am too scared to try it, how could I get unblocked?"

"My new business is in need for growth, what else could I do to give it a major boost?"

"What should I do/start to feel more at peace and relaxed daily?"

"I care about my employees wellbeing, how could I go the extra mile for them?"

If so, I am Sidney Fontaine

the Holistic Coach for you . . .

Package 1

Life Coaching

Perfect for you if :

- You are at a cross-road in life and in need of focus and efficient progress.

- You're feeling you've lost your spark and would like to reconnect with your confidence and motivation.

. Renewal . Growth . Healing .

. Transformation .

Package 2

Business Coaching

Perfect for you if:

- You are feeling stuck in a job that is not fulfilling anymore and would like some support and guidance transitioning career.

- You are at the start of your entrepreneurial journey and would like a boost towards success!

. Analysis . Support . Transition .

. Guidance . Action . Growth .

Package 3

Zen life

Perfect for you if:

- You are feeling stressed, anxious in your everyday life and in need of a more zen lifestyle.

- You would like to explore and adopt a meditation and mindfulness routine that resonates with you.

. Meditation . Class .

. Calm . Support . Mindfulness .

Package 4

Zen at work

Perfect for you if:

- You are a company that cares about your employees wellbeing and would like to teach them easy meditations and mindfulness tips to improve their overall well-being at work.

. Corporate . Meditation . 

. Mindfulness . London . Wellbeing.


I work in

    and in     


Across the years, I've helped many women reconnecting with their true self, regaining confidence, changing careers and launching fantastic businesses. In a nutshell realising they can do anything they put their mind into. I've also taught the practice of meditation to hundreds of practitioners across London in a corporate and more private setting.

Long lasting

My coaching  helps you identify the desires, talents and values that forms the beautiful mosaic of who you are and truly wants from life. Confidence comes from aligning yourself with these and creating a life on your own terms!


By teaching you to be the observer of your own mind and thoughts, you will become fully aware of how these are influencing your day to day life and find ways of turning them into empowering thoughts instead.


You will be able to make quicker decisions regarding your life. No more 'I don't know where to start' or 'I am not sure which way to go', everything will be clearer for you.


I am a firm believer in the body & mind connection. By letting go of who you thought you should be and embrace who you truly are, like and want, your motivation, confidence and happiness levels will increase and so will your overall health.


Coaching equips you with tools for self-exploration, questioning methods, psychology concepts and action-oriented plans that will be useful to you along the different times of your life.

Sense of Self

Remember days when you felt irritated by criticism about your personality or what you decide to do with your life? Say goodbye to this. I will help you define who you are/are longing to be, put words on it and your actions set together will give you the confidence to go ahead full-steam without thinking about what anyone else thinks! 

Smiling Woman

Carmel, London

Sidney is a very effective, caring coach who gets the balance right between being a soundboard and actively supporting to identify the best outcomes. Her approach is very professional, has helped me with both career and home-life quandaries. I have worked with a number of coaches over the years & I think Sidney is the best. Strongly recommended.

Beverley, Doncaster

Before working with Sidney, I felt lost, de-motivated and lacking passion in so many aspects of my life. I did not know what I wanted to do next. She helped me find myself again and motivated me towards things in life I was passionate about yet had forgotten. In 6 sessions only, I have made my dreams a reality and regained confidence. She is an incredible coach! 

Smiling Woman with Glasses

Laura, London

The coaching experience with Sidney really changed my life. I'm transformed, I shine with confidence, I know myself better with a Body & Mind connection present at all time. Sidney helped switch back the light in me and made me realise my inner power!